8 thoughts on “Marabel rides again … the sexy wife who can’t be

  1. I am SO very glad I missed this book!!!!!! It would have almost guaranteed the end of my marriage! I am very much closer to Mary deMuth than Marabel Morgan; such expectations would have shut me down. Thank you, Morven, for sharing this.

  2. Morven – I had to laugh out loud when I read the title — one of our first books suggested to us when we “started church” was this book, and we did some head scratching over it all…. read the post as well and my heart breaks – so many hurting in the church….

  3. I just found your blog. This is awousom ! I have been going through a bad couple years. My husband had an affair and It’s really messed my head up. I was always in the gym taking care of my body and now I have gained up to a ten . For me this is heard I don’t feel sexy ,I don’t feel anything in that arena at all .I would always dress up for him and I enjoyed that part of out time together. I had been abused as a child by my Grand Father and went through a lot of therapy ,time and God healed me from being stand offish with my husband. Now This ! and I feel like I did before. If I can say anything it is this my relationship with God is wonderful now. I really believe the world to day is destroying women with all this sex crap!. I would love for the church to take a stand and stop pushing it by not saying anything about it . Men need to implement self control ! and wife’s we have to say no ! not to punish or be mean ,but for our on mind sake . Thank you for your post .

    • Annette, it is good to have you with us. I hope that you will continue to heal. There ARE good men out there, men who treat women with dignity & respect. I encourage you to seek counseling to help you heal from the abuse caused by your grandfather, as those experiences have impacted every relationship you have. Blessings, M

  4. Thank you for this. A very different view from my own life experience – but I can relate. For me, the damage hasn’t been from sexual / physical abuse (although I have been through that), but rejection from seemingly good men – those I would have wanted to know better and be loved and cherished by 😦
    It’s wonderful to know there are patient and gentle men who do not force their spouses to become something they are not. I pray God will send someone my way who can empathize with my wounds and lack of social graces in certain situations… and not hold it against me that I am not that picture perfect strong Christian who has it all together. (I’ll do the same for him and love him despite his lackings. May God give me someone I can grow with!)

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