one really good cop

I had breakfast this week with one pretty amazing young woman.  Not only is she a wonderful mother to a teenage football star/heart throb, a 5 year old princess and a sweet little toddler son, and is a great wife and loving daughter, Kim Mager is a tough cop, an incredible officer in the Ashland City Police force.

I first met Kim several years ago when she was being honored for being a “Woman of Achievement” in our county.  I was struck by the enthusiasm she had for her profession, her infectious laughter and the fact she was oblivious to her stunning beauty.  I had never met anyone quite like her before.

One of the many gifts that Kim has is the ability to confront evil every day in her job and still manage to come home with enough love to go around.  She is called into homes where little ones have been brutalized, and within a short time is gentle enough to get these traumatized children to trust her.  Her quiet reassurance of safety helps give them a voice.  This completely feminine creature then has the ability to spend hours in holding cells, facing their narcissistic and socio-pathic offenders, getting the deviant men & women to confess to  the horrible injuries they have done to these children who have trusted them.   Then, months later, Kim has to testify in Court on behalf of the children, being challenged and confronted at every turn.

Many of the adult women who come to me for counseling, and who have a history of sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse, never had a Kim in their lives.  No one was there to rescue them, to wrap a blanket around them and comfort them.  No one gave them a soft teddy bear to cuddle, and the reassurance that they would be safe.  No one took them away from the monster(s) that lived in their house.

So, Kim, this post is for you, to say how proud I am to be able to call you my friend, and to thank you for being an incredible person.   Our county is so blessed to have you as one of our heroes.


Photo courtesy of the Ashland Times Gazette “Shop with a Cop”


7 thoughts on “one really good cop

  1. Having been a child welfare social worker and a foster parent, I have a sense of the difficulty of this kind work. Well done, Kim!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for recognizing my wonderful sister in your blog. She is a beautiful person with a giant heart and has really made a difference in this world. The ugliness that she deals with on a daily basis is more than I ever could. God put her on this earth to help the innocent, and I’m so proud of her.

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