the verbally abusive relationship

My friend, Ida Mae, has shared a great article called “Reacting to Insinuations in the Verbally Abusive Relationship” found on a website hosted by Healthy Place, America’s Mental Health Network.

“His comment came out of the blue as he readied himself for work. “Some people don’t think,” he stated calmly. My mind raced to figure out what he was talking about. If I were in a normal relationship, I would have simply asked, “What do you mean, honey?” But I wasn’t in a normal relationship.”

“During the few seconds it took me to connect the dots between his statement and what he really meant, he didn’t say another word. He gave me the courtesy of remaining silent as my mind raced to find a way to avoid a fight that evening upon his return.”

There are a ton of resources on this site.   If  these paragraphs ring a bell for you, check them out, and know that there are people who understand, and want to help you.   Remember, you are not crazy.   Your world is crazy.   You cannot make sense out of something that will never make sense.


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