6 thoughts on “we were wrong …. apparently the priests are the victims

  1. IMO it is more than difficult for a young boy to seduce an adult male. Seduction must have something appealing in order to draw another in. So what pray tell is appealing about a young boy wanting sexual advances that would be appealing to an adult, unless the adult was already in that game. Reprehensible. The more they try to excuse it, any of it, the worse the picture gets. It might be better if they are silent and just take their lickin’s and clean up their clergy.

  2. I agree Morven. The priests are saying typical pedophile statements, such as: “The child seduced me.” Children do not seduce adults. It is an issue of abuse of power. It is an excuse so that they do not have to own up to their own responsibility of their actions. It turns my stomach too. Glad you have this blog.

  3. Morven, this makes me sick, beyond sick. I am horrified that human beings–who believe in a God at all, much less claiming any connection to Him, whatsoever-could so completely pervert sexual abuse. This is the most warped of evils, if you ask me. It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it so boldly, particularly from someone who is at all educated. Yep… this is my ‘angry at injustice’ week. I find it totally offensive!

      • I definitely look forward to meeting you! There’s room on my band wagon for you. 🙂 And more just like you… or different… as long as they ‘do justly and love mercy, and walk humbly with God’. 🙂

  4. I have met and read extensively of this man. It turns my stomach that someone who is so gifted and intelligent can be so very stupid, callous, and beyond insensitive. This is just one more example of how those in power will do anything to keep the power structures in place. The thought that a religous retreat is the starting point for intensive close-supervision program for identified pediphiles demeans any sense of spirituality.

    My question is if the “close-supervision program” has the same lack of safeguards as the one in Los Altos, CA, where “residents” are allowed to come and go as they please?

    Can I join your band wagon, Trudy, or do I need to get my own started? 🙂

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