4 thoughts on “parasites in paradise

  1. Actually i do not doubt that any such communal system with people in power inevitably will come to this. Throw in legalism to the mix and its ripe for evil.

  2. Troubling, Morven. The hardest part for me, having attended a very Conservative Mennonite church in my youth, here in Ontario, where there were cover ups gallore, is knowing the victims will limp through life without help, unless they leave. They will likely be urged to forgive and forget, otherwise they may stand in judgement of hell fire for not forgiving. Not likely that anyone will walk them through inner healing and to a place of *truly forgiving*… the kind of forgiveness that hold evil accountable and exposes it for what it is, while still harbouring no hate or ill will. The kind of forgiveness that say, “I will make a difference for the next generation.” No, they will probably be told that ‘love covers a multitude of sins’–pulling that text out of its scriptural context for the agenda…

    That’s the part I struggle to reconcile. The broken lives, left to die a slow emotional death, or to resort to emotional suicide… It’s a dreadful thing!

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