3 thoughts on “an accidental feminist: a RHE re-blog

  1. Exactly my sentiments too.

    The funny thing about Gloria Steinem is that I had always had a bad impression on her until I stumbled upon an interview with her on Youtube, and to my surprise, found that she wasn’t the male-hating monster that she is portrayed as. I was angry that I had been duped – angrier than I used to be when I was a submissive wife and mother of many who was indignant at the “feminist attitudes” creeping into the church.

    No, I don’t agree with God-hating, male-degrading, paternalistic feminism, but I also object to lying, twisting, manipulative tactics of evangelical leaders who label Biblical equality as radical feminism. When my life is endangered because the church listens to his accusations that I have been influenced by feminism, when my kids suffer because he tells them Mom has been listening to bad stuff, when my friends won’t support me through a dangerous divorce because he has told them that I have been reading feminist literature, I know that he has latched on to false teaching from the pulpit and used it as another battering tool.

  2. Anonymous, Jesus made it very clear how he viewed women, and I’m sure that the men at your church would show him the door if they met him today. He doesn’t fit into their manipulation of Scripture, the ‘false teaching’ you describe. The Jesus I love liberated women.

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