people are starting to talk ….

What an inspiration to all of us.  Let’s see what we can get going in our towns & cities as well!

Scoop on SCAN: People are starting to talk.

July 13, 2012 in Scoop on SCAN, Uncategorized | Tags:

We are so proud to be starting the conversation about child sexual abuse in communities across Northern Virginia. We’ve told you about our partnership with Darkness to Light before, including the Stewards of Children trainings we’re providing across the region to diminish the incidence and impact of child sexual abuse and to raise awareness of the prevalence and consequences in our communities.

But it’s more than the trainings. It’s the talk. The conversations that make MORE people in our communities LESS afraid to talk about child sexual abuse. Less likely to ignore signs of sexual abuse. And more likely to take action to keep children safe. This is how we’ve seen the conversation start so far this year:

Help us keep this conversation moving: Get comfortable talking about child sexual abuse. It’s an important conversation that every adult needs to have.

Start here to learn more. Then talk to others – and keep talking to us, too! We love where this conversation is going…

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