3 thoughts on “when marriage isn’t mutual

  1. I want to read what others have to say about this so I’m ticking the box! I might give my own thoughts later, but am interested to hear others’ views first. Thanks for the post Morven.

  2. I had the experience, just today, of being accused of “wearing the pants in the family”, mostly because I am more verbal, I am the one responsible for writing the checks, and my husband asks my opinion on most things, and he “likes to spoil me” by giving me what he can, when he can. We have an egalatarian marriage, and for that I am truly grateful. Conversations like today, as well as blogs like this one, remind me how glad I am.

    • When we “fit” like a hand in a glove, and each can do whatever we are gifted to do, that is wonderful. It isn’t so much the ‘chores’ of life, but the mutual respect and consideration for one another that you have in your marriage that is so delightful, Jean. You are a team; there is never a need for someone to be “boss” and it is refreshing for the ones who watch you together.

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