2 thoughts on “who would believe a kid?

  1. There is one HUGE step that could be taken in the right direction, right this minute.

    Many times, courts and others are afraid that children are being coerced, are lying, or– in some cases– afraid to point to the real perpetrator and so will accuse someone who is ‘safe.’ These people in authority don’t want to ‘ruin a good man’s life’ and therefore, they are reluctant to followup the way they should.

    So here’s the thing– just protect the child! No child should have to see someone they do not want to see. No child should be made to visit a parent/grandparent/foster parent etc. they do not want to see. Protect the child.

    Courts routinely force children to visit and/or return to live with a parent they are afraid of. Why?
    Why not err on the side of caution? Even if there isn’t enough evidence to convict in a court of law, who says you have to file charges to deny visitation?

    The word of the child should be enough to stop all visitation. Our family court system is seriously screwed up.

    • I completely agree. There is something dreadfully wrong when a Judge has the power to over-ride a child’s pleading, a mother’s tears and a plethora of professionals who are all saying, “NO”!!!

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