6 thoughts on “there are no winners here

  1. I don’t think the prosecution was right either. He was charged with FELONY assault. No, hitting and pushing an old man is not appropriate. However, MANY abuse victims are unable to get the courts to file even misdemeanor assuault charges when much greater damage is done! Lynch broke none of his bones, he caused no permanent injury, and minimal medical attention was required. Attempting to make “an example” out of Lynch backfired. Lynch finally got his day in court–his perpetrator showed what a coward and a liar he is, to all the world.

  2. I for one don’t judge that man who beat the priest.
    In general, I don’t believe in or recommend taking personal retaliation, but if someone else does it in circumstances like this, I don’t condemn them. I condemn the system that never brought that priest to proper justice. If he had been exposed, found guilty and given a stiff sentence, it is probably much less likely that his victim would have had the impulse for personal retaliation.

    Sometimes I think we should bring back punishments like the stocks. A bit of public shaming can be appropriate for those who have been found guilty by a authorised court, and being hit by rotten tomatoes never hurt anyone long-term. How much would it have helped Will Lynch if he had been allowed to throw tomatoes at that priest while he was in the stocks? I reckon it might have helped his healing. We could have officers watching the procedure, to make sure no-one threw stones, other hard missiles or toxic materials.

    • Love the idea of stocks, Barbara. I think they served their purpose, as long as it was only a soft tomato that was thrown. But I hear you. I believe the victims feel so much better after having had the opportunity to face their accusers and let them have a piece of their minds. I used to help facilitate groups for kids that had been molested. Once a month they met face to face with offenders, men who had offended others and were in groups for rehabilitation, and these children got a chance to “let them have it”. Face to face, one child confronting a male adult under controlled situations. Every one of these men took it, too, and after the child said what they had to say, the men apologized for what had happened to them, and told them that the children were not to blame. It was powerful … and healing.

  3. Oh wow, Morven… I could have done with some of that…

    I think you nailed it with the title: there are no winners. I can’t condone vigilantism, but I certainly can’t condemn that sort of retaliation. I still fight the urge to go back and deal a solid thrashing to the guy that diddled me. But I already put him through jail, and now he’s a sad, poor old ex-con who used to be a fancy rich surgeon.

    Still – now I think about it – a length of 2×4, a nail, a ski-mask…

    I drown those thoughts every day.

    Every day.

    • Good idea. Those thoughts will destroy your soul, and give your offender control of you to the end of your days. So glad there was some sort of justice for what was done to you. Thanks for being a reader on the blog, Jonna. I value your contributions. M

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