response based therapy: a new way to help

When you care for someone who has been a victim of abuse, whether in childhood, adulthood or both, there may be certain behaviors that this person does that confuse you.   Why would a sexual abuse victim cut herself?   Why would someone who was beaten as a child use physical force as an adult?  Surely he doesn’t want to victimize others?

My Australian friend, Barbara Roberts, who wrote “Not Under Bondage,” send me this terrific article by Allan Wade, a Canadian psychologist who developed “Response Based Therapy.”  It’s one that will be helpful to ALL of us who care – friends, family, counselors, pastors …..   read it and learn.

Allan Wade Ph.D. lives on Vancouver Island where he works in private practice as a family therapist and researcher. Allan is primarily concerned with addressing the problem of violence in all its forms and in promoting socially just legal and human services work. With Linda Coates and Nick Todd, Allan has developed a response-based approach to working with victims and perpetrators of violence. Allan is senior faculty with the Master of Counseling Program, City University of Seattle and Adjunct Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Victoria.

Despair, Hope, Resistance, by Allan Wade


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