help bring a bully to justice

My Aussie friend, Barbara Roberts, an advocate against domestic violence in her own country, has made me aware of the beginning of a small movement calling for a national hero to be held to account.

Grant Hackett is a 32 year old Australian former swimmer most famous for winning the men’s 1500 metres freestyle race at both the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. in his native Australia.  A shining star.  He’s also a domestic violence offender.

There hasn’t been a conviction …. yet.   It wouldn’t look good for the country at the moment, as this national treasure has been asked to be on the panel of commentators for Australia and the London Olympics.   Nope, wouldn’t look good at all.

60 minutes produced an interview where Hackett minimized the truth.

His wife knows the truth.   As quoted from the petition page:

“Hackett trashed his family’s exclusive apartment last October in a violent rampage.
“I just continued to push over furniture and make a mess,” he said.
He could scarcely deny the rampage, since the photos of the trashed apartment were published in the press.
It is reported that he admitted to targeting his wife Candice Alley‘s most prized possessions during the rampage, during which she called the police.  Candice is a professional musician; the photos of the wrecked apartment show an up-ended grand piano.”

“Hackett has not yet admitted to or been proven guilty of anything more – any assault to his wife or exposing their two children to domestic violence.  He denied reports he hit his wife or was carrying one of his young twin children during his outburst.
After the rampage, his wife made a statement to the police. It has been reported that she told police that Hackett threw her across the room “like a rag doll”. It has also been reported that he pushed / threw her against a window.
Hackett is a very big man. His wife is tiny by comparison.”

Those who work with victims of domestic violence understand only too well the manipulative half-truths that come out of the mouths of offenders.   It took enormous courage for Hackett’s wife to go forward to the police.   We need to give her international support, and have this narcissistic man face the consequences due to him.

Please sign the petition.   It is just beginning, so you CAN make a huge difference.   Pass it on to your friends!


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