california vs william lynch: a reblog

Most days, after hearing story after story about sexual abuse of innocent children by those who had authority over them, I am heartsick.   Nothing, however, angers me more than when I hear that a pastor or a priest has molested a child.   This is a person who is, literally, representing God to the child.  There is no hell hot enough.

I was asked by a reader to please re-blog this for her.   I am only too glad to do so:

If you follow the news, you may have heard of the William Lynch trial currently being held in San Jose. Will Lynch is accused of assaulting Jerold Lindner, a pedophile priest who molested Will,  his younger brother, and many more children including his own sister, nieces and nephew. Lindner has never been prosecuted for any of those crimes. Instead, he has been protected by the Catholic Church, who repeatedly placed him in positions with access to children, and by the impractical statutes of limitation which would have required Will to come forward by the time he was 13 years old.

Lindner is currently living at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, California,  a “retirement “center which has earned the dubious nickname “Rapist Resort” due to the number of alleged molesters living there. According to reports, he is allowed to come and go as he pleases.

Will is being charged with felony assault and elder abuse and faces 4 years in jail if convicted.  Prosecutor Vicki Gemetti and Judge David Cena appear to want to make an example of out Will. Jerold Lindner was able to take the stand, identify Will as his assailant and deny the molestation of Will and his brother, something Gemetti herself acknowledged as a lie. He then was allowed by Judge Cena to invoke his Fifth Amendment privileges against self-incrimination on the advice of his attorney, even though the statute of limitations has long since passed on every one of his known crimes.  The jury, without being told why, was told to ignore the testimony WHICH THEY HAVE ALREADY HEARD. Will’s attorneys will not be able to cross examine him, thereby denying Will the right to face his accuser. In addition, the judge ruled that the defense could not call Lindner’s other victims as rebuttal witnesses and rejected valid motions for mistrial from the defense.

Will has chosen to risk his freedom and go to trial to expose Father Lindner and the actions of the Catholic Church in protecting him. He is hoping by finally getting Lindner in a court of law, even if he is the one on trial, that he can find healing for himself and Lindner’s other victims.

If you are in the Bay Area or know people who are, please show your support for Will by attending the trial tomorrow,  Friday, June 29, likely to be the last day of testimony You can learn more about his case, the history of Father Lindner and donate to his legal fund by going to or Thank you.

Carolyn Neal

Chicago, Illinois

Survivor & Will Lynch Supporter


3 thoughts on “california vs william lynch: a reblog

  1. I am very happy to report that the jury in Will’s case found him not guilty of felony assault, not guilty of felony elder abuse, not guilty of misdemeanor elder abuse. On the final count of misdemeanor assault, the jury was deadlocked and the judge declared a mistrial. The DA of Santa Clara County has 1 week to decide if they are refiling. Certainly not the justice or any of Lindner’s other victims deserve, which would be “Father Jerry” behind bars, but it’s a wonderful start!

  2. FYI–William Lynch was found not guilty of the felony assault, as well as the felony and misdemeanor elder abuse today, Thursday, 7/5/12. There was also a mistrial on the last count of misdemeanor assault. It is unknown if the charge will be re-filed. Lindner denied the sexual abuse, and then refused to answer additional questions, citing his right to not incriminate himself. See the Santa Clara News for the details.

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