6 thoughts on “why should you go to church?

  1. But the most important reason, which should come first, way over the others, is this:
    Come to church to worship God – God who sent Jesus his divine Son to live a sinless life and die on a cross where he took not only the wicked cruelty and mockery of human beings, but the wrath of God poured out on Him in substitution for those who will believe in Him as their Lord and receive forgiveness for their sins.

    Church is not a club. Church is the meeting of God’s people so they may worship Him together. What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. Church is a beginning and a foretaste of that.
    I know church can be Yuck and double-Yuck. I’ve been hurt bad, in churches. The only reason I keep going is because Jesus made me His own, and He exhorts His followers not to forsake gathering together, especially as the Day approaches. I don’t go to church because the people in churches are good, bad or indifferent. If I based my decision to go or not go because of the people at church, or the opportunities for service, or whatever, I would have stopped going many times!

    … Jesus, keep me near the Cross…

    • well, good for you…I can worship God at home…where it is without abuse and pain of rejection. Assembling of one another, neglect? When they are not people worshiping God, they are people worshiping themselves…they think they are better than you, Jesus spit them out of his mouth…they were neither hot nor cold.

      • I would agree that there are some places like you have described; I’ve visited them. However, we can’t paint everyone with the same brush, and there are many wonderful people in churches. Remember, churches are ‘hospitals’ for lots of hurting people, so if someone seems to be ignoring you, it may be because they are also hurting/shy/terrified/new. The best wisdom I ever got for attending a new church was to approach everyone as if ‘they’ were the new person, introduce myself and ask about them. Scripture is clear that the “assembling together” is what we are supposed to do; it’s hard to be a community of believers if you don’t at least meet. Before Jesus left a place, he told them why he was leaving, and he told the disciples to shake the dust off their feet, literally, “let it go.” You sound angry and bitter, as you have been very hurt. I am sorry this has been your experience.

      • Dear Kaguth, I don’t judge anyone for what they do when they are in your situation. I only talk about my own journey, and my thoughts and experiences. I am sorry for all the mistreatment and pain you’ve had. We are each called to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling – but I don’t mean to guilt you by using that expression. The point I take from that verse is that we can make *our own individual choices* and no-one (apart from the Lord) knows all the ins and outs of our personal situation. So I try to be quite cautious of judging people on this issue of church attendance. Our journeys can be tapestries of many colours and threads. Have you ever looked on the internet for sites that explain spiritual abuse? If not, you might find useful stuff there. Jeff Van Vonderen has written excellent articles about it. You might like to google him.
        kind regards,

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