sin by silence – the bill was PASSED!

There is good news!  BOTH Sin by Silence Bills PASSED!  An absolutely incredible day of making a difference!  Now the bill gets moved to the Senate floor for voting.  From the website “we’re in the homestretch to finally becoming official legislation!”   Every one that passed on the word has given a small contribution to this HUGE endeavor!  Thank you!

Many of you will have been following the link Sin by Silence, and may have even written some of the courageous women who have spent 30 years behind prison.  Sin by Silence is a gateway into the lives of women who are domestic violence’s living, worst-case scenarios. Some of these women have killed their abusers and are now trapped behind bars.While most of the women in SIN BY SILENCE may remain in prison for the remainder of their lives, these women are committed to helping others understand the reality of domestic violence.Through their stories of terror and hope, the viewer can begin to understand the cycle of violence, the signs of an abuser, and how each and every one of us is responsible for changing the tragedy of domestic violence


2 thoughts on “sin by silence – the bill was PASSED!

  1. I am checking and waiting with excitement to hear if Jerry Brown signs the bills into law. If not, a ballot initiative may be the way to go. I have my fingers and toes crossed.

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