abuse redeemed: the R.A. Dickey story

It takes courage to tell the world the story of something that has shamed you all of your life.   R.A. Dickey, Hall of Fame baseball hero, shares his journey from childhood sexual abuse to healing and  wholeness.  Definitely worth the 13 minutes it takes to watch it.


2 thoughts on “abuse redeemed: the R.A. Dickey story

  1. Wow! What a fabulous story. How moving. Not a shred of inauthenticity.
    I love how his story illustrates that if you face up to the abuse you suffered, tell about it, feel the feelings, and don’t shrink from any of the memories but bring them up to the light for healing, you find that the rest of your life improves so much. His baseball pitching became even better. His marriage got more committed.

    I recognise similar things in my own journey. I used to have a pretty weak singing voice. When I dealt with my sexual abuse in therapy, my voice changed. It got deeper, stronger and more rich in tone.

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