two minutes to eternity – the loss of a child

We await with great anticipation that within the next few months we will be having our third little grand daughter.  What joy.   Every day, every night, and many times in between, we pray for this little girl and her two big sisters.    I was blessed to give birth to their daddy, and now the generations continue.   For us, but tragically not for many.

Most couples want to have a child.  Some never are able to conceive.   Others continue to miscarry their precious babies.  Loss upon loss upon loss.   But to long for a child, finally have the joy of pregnancy and then have that little one die within minutes of birth, is an experience too many I know have endured, and cannot imagine their grief and heart ache.

There is a wonderful article written by Marshall Shelley on his own experience of losing his wee son, Toby, and why God would allow the miracle of birth to be followed so quickly by the mystery of death.    Two Minutes to Eternity.


2 thoughts on “two minutes to eternity – the loss of a child

  1. “”We believe God is the giver and taker of life. If the only opportunity I have to know this child is in my womb, I don’t want to cut that time short. If the only world he is to know is the womb, I want that world to be as safe as I can make it.”

    What a beautiful sentiment– and a strong woman~!

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