14 thoughts on “imagine, talking about sex in church

  1. Morven – One of our elders, a medical doctor, preached a sermon last year when I was away on vacation entitled “Living in a Pornographic World.” The sermon was quite blunt and some would say graphic. As with all of our sermons, we posted it on Sermon Audio, where it remains even now. That sermon has consistently been downloaded MORE than any other sermon of the several hundred that we have on our site. That should tell us something. People are NOT coming to a site like Sermon Audio to hunt for porn to listen to!! They are looking for help. I still tease our elder for upstaging my ratings by preaching an R-rated sermon!

  2. Dear Morven,
    You have obviously hit the target. This is the locus of much hurt and abuse. It is time to open up and let the healing begin.
    Good on you!

  3. So what’s your sermon on the topic of sex in the church? What scriptures do you have to back up your sermon?

    The church I attend and a member of is going through the series Birds, Bees & Bible and it’s rated at a PG-13 rating cause we need to address some real serious issues that are happying in the church in the 21 Centry.

    Some topics are technology and how it can be used for good but it’s too easy to access porn whether it’s the tv, or Internet, smartphones, iPads, laptop/desktop computers, etc…
    Dress code; Modesty for both Men & Women and reqconizing that we must not stumble our fellow brother or sister in what were wearing.

    I have had many conversations with men in the church and in men’s ministry as I am a leader in the men’s ministry of a program called Valiant Man and it sometimes comes across to women that we blame them for dressing sensual. From my personal experience if a man was to watch or look at pornographic material in any form and lust after women and comes to church but continues that lifestyle then he is in error cause he would be dishonest and not living accord to the bible. Now if another man has viewed pornographic material in the past over amount of time could be several months to several years and struggles with lust but continues to live a pure lifestyle to the best of his ability and continues to go to church and bible studies and programs to get help then when he goes to the one place he wants to listen to the word of God, worship God in songs, be in prayer with God and the Church and have fellowship with brothers and sisters then what happens if a sister in Christ Jesus is dressing unmodestly or sensual to the point it does not help him in his walk with the Lord, what if he stumbles into his old lifestyle? Yes that is his choice and maybe the temptation was too strong to deal with but what If that woman was dressed in a way that was not sensual? The same theory I use I use it for men to. We as men need to be aware of the women and what to and not to wear.

    We need more men and more women who love the Lord and stand up for modesty in the church and to be role models. Sure Pastors and Elders and staff and people like myself can preach it and teach it but if we do not live it then what’s the point of saying it if we are not going to be doers of the word.


    • Yes, Bruce, we do need to model what the Lord has taught us, but it is so much more than about modesty. It is about what man cannot see, and that is what is happening in our hearts. We can dress modestly, we can look good and say and do the right things publicly, but if we don’t model equality, dignity and respect in our own homes, behind closed doors, it doesn’t matter what we wear. Thanks for sharing.

  4. “And we offer thanks to our brothers in ministry who support and encourage us!”

    Indeed, thaks to both men and women, in pastoral ministry and those among the laity, that support and encourage women to follow their call. The truly sad part, in my experience, is that I have had more obstacles created by other females, than I have ever from men. Again, in my experience, men are generally willing to listen to well-thought out explanations, while the women are unopen to conversation–it’s a closed issue for them. This has never made sense to me, and in some ways, more discouraging.

    I am glad that you have been experiencing so much success in your ministry, Morven.

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