6 thoughts on “eshet chayil – woman of valor – we are enough already!

  1. Thanks Morven. Excellent stuff. Whatever the Proverbs 31 model is supposed to be, the women that I see trying to be her are burning themselves out. Have you noticed how common it is for Christian “media” to exalt women who are on this track? Go to most any Christian women’s seminar and take a look at the brochure describing the speakers. They are so often women who 1) are married to the pastor of a large church, 2) the mother of several children – all of whom are potential Rhodes scholars, 3) maintain a “dynamic” (I now hate that word) women’s ministry in their church, 4) authored several popular books, 5) Oh, and did I say that the photo in the brochure shows that she is also a really hot-looking chick? Maybe that is a bit exaggerated, but not much. What does that do to the real-life woman attending the seminar? We need a reality check. NO ONE is that good! It isn’t real.

  2. I first cryed reading this to find out I am enough and then by the end I had to smile. I know the next I’m at the check out I will be smileing if not laugh as i remember this article.

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