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a narcissist “survivor” from 9/11 – a fascinating story

Narcissists come in all shapes & sizes, and genders.  They are charmers, deceivers and exceptionally believable.   They deceive everyone around them, including their therapists, apart from those who live with them or know them very well.

Here is a fascinating re-blog from my Australian friend, Barbara Roberts’ blog, “A Cry for Justice.”   The audio interview is really interesting, but the Australian accents are delightful.

“Tania Head” is the false name of an imposter who pretended to be a survivor of  the Word Trade Center disaster of 9/11.

Alicia Head conned the world for five years. A narcissistic, deliberate, charismatic liar, she joined a support group for the World Trade Center survivors and  became their spokesperson. The genuine survivors all believed her story. Well, one man felt there was something ‘not quite right’ about her, but he didn’t dare say this out loud, because she was known to turn survivors against each other.

The parallels between this con-artist and the cons of domestic abusers are manifold. Listen to this interview The Woman Who Wasn’t There: False Story of Surviving 9/11.  Robin Gabi Fisher, co-author of the book which exposes this deceiver, was interviewed on Radio National Australia this morning.

Was this woman ‘delusional’? Not according to her therapist – who, by the way, was  completely conned by ‘Tania’ until the New York Times exposed the truth. This therapist is now certain that this woman knew exactly what she was doing, and what’s more, she is still spinning lies, creating a new scam, and blaming the survivors of 9/11 for their ‘mistreatment’ of her. Does this sound familiar to those of you who have suffered abuse from partners or church family? Sure does!

This interview is essential listening if you want to become wise to the ways of the enemy.


We are never responsible for the abuses done to us as children but we are responsible for the way we respond to them as adults. Thought this was a great article to share:

Broken Until Spoken

I have given a lot of thought to blame.  Coming from a wildly abusive home it would be easy to assign blame for my life.  It would be easy for any survivor of such things to give up.  After all, this terrible thing happened.

I find blame to be a slippery slope. At some point I decided to let go of blame and see the past as an experience that colored me.  Understanding the why allowed me to change.  My three brothers have not fared as well.  Violent, abusive, substance abuse and denial.  Why indeed can one child have the will to go on and thrive, while others flounder.

At what point are we in charge of our own lives? At what point do we tell ourselves “Yesterday is on them, today and tomorrow is on me.”  I think this is an important decision.  Don’t let  blame  cripple you.

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no greater love …

Today, of all days, take time to be silent and remember ….

Rememer the thousands and thousands of brave men and women who gave up everything they had, and paid the ultimate price, for what we enjoy today – our freedom.

Many served in my family, all of them for the British army alongside their American allies.  I have a great uncle buried in France, my father and his two brothers served overseas.  Out of all his grandchildren, I was the one offered the responsibility of caring for my grandfather’s medals and I cherish his Navy sea trunk.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

John 15:13 says “there is no greater love than this, than one who lays down his life for his friends.”