when we don’t let God use others to answer our prayers

Recently our delightful young associate pastor was sharing an illustration in his sermon about a friend of his who suffered dreadfully from most probably bi-polar disorder and a personality disorder.  When she crashed into the pits of depression and was suicidal, he and others lovingly tended to her, encouraged her to get help and finally, when she slowly but surely burned them all out with her “misery is me” mentality and claimed that only God could heal her, they sadly in turn did what they had to do and walked away to care for their own emotional tanks, which had been drained dry by her sense of entitlement and victimhood.

My young pastor was obviously distressed that, no matter how hard she – and her friends – had prayed, they believed that God had chosen not to heal this young woman.  I hope  that it was of comfort to him when I shared with him that God HAD given this young woman MANY opportunities to be healed – referrals to good physicians and competent counselors – and SHE had chosen not to accept healing in the form it was offered.  This young woman had decided that healing could only come through a divine lightning bolt.

This makes as much sense to me as those who refuse to take a mood stabilizer medication, or seek counseling for a life issue, when they are quite content to wear eyeglasses because their vision is blurry or get a pacemaker implanted if their heart is out of whack.   Your brain is an organ, just like your heart, your liver, your kidney, your eyes …. get the picture?   If we stop looking at getting help for our brain as meaning something is “wrong” with us, as in “I don’t want people to think I am crazy” and just treat your brain as you would any other organ, people might actually allow God to heal them.

God uses people, medication, physical intervention ….. to heal.   WE are the hands, feet and heart of Jesus.

A fellow counselor found another link which says much the same.   You might find it of interest if you know someone who is struggling with overspiritualizing emotional and mental illness.


2 thoughts on “when we don’t let God use others to answer our prayers

  1. I really needed to see this today. Thank you for your wonderful words. People do need to realize that this social stigma surrounding matters concerning the brain is just ridiculous. Just because my battle is internal doesn’t make it any less real or painful. People, as a whole, have the most difficult time grasping that. Again, thanks. This was the reaffirmation I’ve been praying for 🙂

    • It always tickles my heart when God prompts and I listen (not easy for me to always do!) and others are blessed. Thanks for posting. Would love to have your comments regularly. They encourage me too 😉

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