“he who is without sin should cast the first stone”


I didn’t know what to think when I had heard the news of Tom White’s suicide.   This was a man who had given his life to helping persecuted Christians all over the world.   A lifetime of helping others and now his memory will be forever tainted by “allegations” that he’d molested a 10 year old girl.   If anyone knows me at all, you will know I am a mother bear when it comes to protecting children against child abuse, so I know that anyone is capable of anything.   However, there are only two people that knew the truth and one of those is now dead.   What a burden for a little girl to carry, knowing that she alone knows what really happened.

I pray that, if this is true, that this child can one day find it in her heart to forgive him.   If it is true, then I pray that there are not more little girls who have been molested over the years and their stories have never been brought to light.   If it is true, then I pray that God can forgive his soul.   My heart breaks for the victim, her family and for Tom White’s friends and families, who have suffered incredible betrayal by a man they trusted.

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma authorities are investigating whether the executive director of an international Christian ministry killed himself amid allegations he’d molested a 10-year-old girl, police said Monday.

Tom White had been reported missing last Tuesday, the same day police in Bartlesville received a report about the alleged molestation, said Bartlesville Police Capt. Jay Hastings. White was the executive director for The Voice of the Martyrs, a nonprofit headquartered in in the city 50 miles north of Tulsa that says it provides medical supplies, food and clothing to persecuted Christians worldwide.

Police found the 64-year-old’s body at the organization’s Bartlesville headquarters Wednesday. Employees discovered a letter in White’s vehicle indicating he was “suicidal or possibly fleeing to avoid investigation” and turned it over to police, Hastings said.

“You can take it either way,” Hastings said. “It was kind of a goodbye letter. You don’t know if he was talking about himself.”

Hastings said police are awaiting an autopsy report by the state Medical Examiner’s Office. A message seeking comment was left with the office Monday.

In a document filed last week in Washington County District Court, police had asked a judge to order White’s cellphone carrier to provide them with “real time GPS pinging” of the phone to determine where he was. To support the request, officers stated in the document that White “had been reported to have molested a 10-year-old juvenile female” and that he disappeared when police began to investigate.

Hastings could not say Monday if the child was believed to be involved in the ministry or how White is believed to have come in contact with her.

In a statement posted on its website, the ministry where White had served as executive director for more than 20 years said its board of directors did not know about the accusations at the time of White’s death. It went on to say that “rather than face those allegations, and all of the resulting fallout for his family and this ministry and himself, Tom appears to have chosen to take his own life.”

“There is no doubt that Tom cared about his wife, his children and his grandchildren. And there’s no doubt that he cared about VOM,” the statement said. “We are deeply saddened by these events. Our hearts are broken.”


8 thoughts on ““he who is without sin should cast the first stone”

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  2. Thanks for having the boldness to write about this, Morven, and write so well.
    The mind boggles.
    God knows what happened, what is true. If the report is true, I hope the child herself reads your post. These things are so big, so hard to understand. May the Lord guide us always.

    • Thank you, Barbara. It was a hard post to write. My heart is sick over this, as are thousands of others. We just have to hold onto the promise that the Lord will bring beauty out of our ashes, for all of us.

      One of those beauties is our friendship, for which I am so grateful. Love you, my Aussie friend. xo

  3. Regardless of whether the allegations are true, there will be those who will attempt to use this tragic event against a valuable ministry–bringing to light the persecution our brothers and sisters in Christ experience. If I may, I add to your prayers that God will protect the Voice of the Martyrs from those who will try to use this against them.

  4. As a supporter of Voice of the Martyrs AND a person who HATES child-abuse, this story makes me heart-sick. If you read Wurmbrant’s testimony to Congress (from the 1960’s) about communist torture and secret police techniques, there is reason to make CERTAIN that this was not a frame. When Wurmbrand left Romania, the secret police warned him that they might “get him” in America by: framing him in a sex scandal, hiring a “hit man,” and many other things. Tom White had to deal with the anger of many such people from other countries.

    This is not paraniod… I havn’t seen ANY details yet about this case, but simply have questions: If he wanted to spare his family and VOM the “torment,” why not make it look like an accident elsewhere? Why write an ambiguous note ON VOM GROUNDS?? This doesn’t make any sense yet, and the basic elements are that,”it “appears” that he took his life and left a note that “wasn’t clear.” Those things can EASILY be done to someone for the right price.

    I read a comment from a citizen who was concerned about the EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES happening to someone else there…

    If these things ARE true, Satan entered the Church- abusing a precious child. To protect EVERYONE- can we know the entire truth? Did White have a history of child-abuse (he almost certainly would if this happened). Has the child’s family spoken out?? Does anyone know more?
    There abuse stories are NOT ALWAYS true. Remember Cardinal Bernadine?

    • Anne, I totally agree that these stories are not always true. That is the tragedy. Many good men have been falsely accused, but sadly far too many guilty have gotten away with murdering souls. Only God knows the truth, and the victims. And, sadly, although Steven Cook recanted his accusations against Cardinal Bernadine, there are still two men who claim that he did indeed molest them.

      None of this makes sense. It is heartbreaking, not only for the reputation of a man who did enormous good and the organization that continues to bless thousands, but for the families of all concerned.

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