running chatter: loving with an open hand

I am blessed to know a wonderful young woman named Summer.   She truly suits her name, because her whole tiny little being radiates warmth, encouragement and sunshine.   She has a blog named runningchatter, which warms my heart every time I read it, but today’s blog, “the big picture,” is especially inspiring to all of us who want what is best for our children.   Sometimes this means letting them head in a direction that is totally different from anything we could imagine for them.

Enjoy these words of wisdom from this talented (her photography is amazing, as you can see from this one included in the post) and gifted young writer, who loves her children more than life itself.


One thought on “running chatter: loving with an open hand

  1. Oh Morven. Oh my. I am (almost) speechless. I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face at these most beautiful words. I am humbled, honored, and so thankful that our paths have crossed and we have meshed in such an amazing way. Thank you, Morven, from the bottom of my heart for these words and the “so much more” that you give to me.

    Thank you.

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