when blessings are returned to you abundantly

Just a few weeks ago I asked my blog friends to send a birthday card to one of our dear incarcerated “Sin by Silence” sisters, Glenda Crosley, with the wish to make this a very special celebration for her, possibly – prayerfully – her last one behind bars.

Imagine my surprise this week when I received a letter of thanks from HER.  Bless her heart.

Matthew 25:43 ” I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.”

Please remember our sisters.   They love mail.  Our notes, postcards, good wishes of encouragement, empathy and prayers bless them so much.  Send one of them a note this week.  It’s the best 45 cents you will spend.


3 thoughts on “when blessings are returned to you abundantly

  1. Morven,
    What a refreshing blog to read this beautiful morning. With all the conveniences we have today to wish one a Happy Birthday, (email, texting, facebook, etc) the GOOD OL’ hand written card and envelope still makes the top of my list to relay blessings to one aother. Your card to Glenda is a reflection of your thoughtfulness, but better yet, the Thank You note is “Priceless”.

    We should all spend a “Forever” stamp more often, Cyndi

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