the birthday girl: Glenda Crosley’s Story

Glenda Crosley was married for 24 abuse filled years before she killed her husband.  Unspeakable abuse to herself and her daughters.  She had a witness in her case, but she fell through the cracks of the legal system and is now still in prison.  It’s her birthday this week.  Please take a minute to drop her a line or send her a card:

Glenda Crosley, CIW, W29266, HA650L, 16756 Chine-Corona Road, Corona, CA 92880-9508

Investigation Discovery aired this video, giving Glenda an opportunity to tell her story. She’s a few years older now.  Let’s hope she is released before she has to celebrate another birthday in prison.

“I arrived in prison a broken woman. I viewed myself as a failure to motherhood, marriage, society and God. I felt defeated by a system that refused to understand.

Today, at age 65, I have a voice. I now know courage and strength in spite of the odds. I’ve grown and matured beyond my own expectations. I have determination to overlook and forgive the injustices of a system that failed to protect me and my children. Yet, I pledge not to forget.

Now with purpose, I vow to empower women in bringing understanding to those who have failed to change their way of thinking.”


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