don’t forget them: Sin by Silence Bill (AB593

In the prisons of California, there is a small group of survivors. Support the Sin by Silence Bill (AB593) and help the incarcerated battered women of California find the justice they have deserved for decades.   50 women have fallen through the cracks.  50 wonderful women who have been in prison for over 25 years for the crime of protecting their children and defending their lives.

5 thoughts on “don’t forget them: Sin by Silence Bill (AB593

  1. Morven, Why are these women still in prison if they have already served 25 years? Here in SA a life sentence is around 20 yrs & prisoners’ time is drastically reduced for good behaviour so one might only serve a third or half one’s time. That may not apply for murder; I don’t know the exact details. But over 25 yrs when there are no doubt extenuating circumstances & likely domestic abuse is ridiculous. Further, these women are no danger to anyone; it is not like they’ve been on a killing spree. They’ve killed their husbands & we know that doesn’t happen out of the blue but almost always because they’ve snapped having been pushed to the nth degree.

    And why must a special interest group push for this? Surely the legislators themselves should be doing their job properly revising their laws esp if they’re manifestly unjust? In a modern country like the States with extensive Christian influence as well as humanistic influence this looks very backward to me.

    • Yes, John, this is archaic, but the bill has been presented and is being considered. It is quite obscene, however, how LONG some of these things have to be considered when the facts speak loudly in these ladies’ defense. Your prayers for each of these gals is appreciated!

  2. Hi Morven
    I did my PhD in Domestic violence here in SA. It is indeed very sad that these women who tried to protect their children and often would act in self defence must be in a prison for this long. I salute each of these survivors who were anyway in a prison before their sentence, staying with an abusive partner. May they one day be free as women created in God’s image!

    • Thank you for commenting, Ilze. Yes, they were indeed in a prison long before they ever entered one with bars. There is a lot of support for this bill and we are all praying that they will all be liberated soon. What a party that will be! Is there any chance your thesis is available to read via internet or interlibrary loan?

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