little boy lost

A young boy is dead because he tried to save his mother from being beaten.

While a young mother, 30-year-old Lynitrah M. Woodson, was driving her car down the interstate in Charleston, W. Va. with her 21 year old boyfriend at her side, the conversation got heated.  An argument erupted and things got violent.  Her child watched helplessly from the back seat as his mother was being beaten.

Imagine the mother’s emotions.  You are driving on the freeway and a monster in the passenger seat starts to go crazy, hitting on you, screaming at the top of his lungs, calling you names.  All you can think about is your child in the back seat.

Jahill Clements, aged 11, was that young child.  As his mother somehow managed to pull over on to the curb, her boyfriend dragging her out of the car, continuing to punch her, Jahill’s first thought was of finding help for her.   He bolted out of the back seat and ran out to find someone to come to his mother’s rescue.  As he attempted to flag down a passing car, the driver didn’t see him and struck him. Jahill died the next day in the hospital.

The one who should be charged with killing Jahill, Ethan Samuel Chic-Colbert, is charged with child neglect causing injury.

Meanwhile, a mother weeps, her baby is dead and there is every good chance that his killer will sweet talk his way into having her pay his bail.   The cycle of domestic abuse goes around and around forever, until we step up and help these families find another way.



2 thoughts on “little boy lost

  1. West Virginia law classifies child neglect causing injury as a felony, punishable by a fine of $100 to $1000, and/or prison for 1 to 3 years (WVC 61-8D-4). Not much more for child neglect that results in death–$1000 to $5000, and/or prison for 3 to 15 years (WVC 61-8D-4A). Voluntary manslaughter carries the same possible penalty as child neglect that results in death. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be parity here. And I hope that this serves as notice to Ms. Woodson to break the cycle of domestic violence.

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