3 thoughts on ““nurse-in”

  1. Several years ago, when I was completing my pastoral internship as an assistant pastor, we had a similar incident. The senior pastor, a man, had been approached by a few of the older women who thought it was “disgusting” that a young mother was breastfeeding in the narthex of the church, while watching her toddler, prior to children’s church.

    The senior pastor brought this up at a staff meeting, with his solution being having the assistant pastor (me) go and ask the young mother to “go elsewhere” to breastfeed, out of “Christian sensitivity” to those who objected. He was roundly informed by the all-female staff that he was out of line, and HE needed to go back and explain to these ladies the error of their ways. He even tried to get his wife to back him up, and she ended up talking with the older ladies herself. This was probably a more sensitive way to approach the situation in the end.

    I recently read an article that describes most congregations as ‘a gathering of individuals in a common place’, rather than a gathering of community, caring for one another’s needs above their own desires. IMHO, the more congregations are a community, the closer they come in following Jesus’ example.

    Thanks, Morven for the reminder.

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