every 9 seconds

Every 9 seconds a woman in this country is battered.  Each day four women will die at at the hands of their abuser, usually the man they have loved.

Brenda Clubine spent over 26 years of her life behind bars for defending her life, and the lives of her children.   She killed her husband, the man who had beat her within inches of her life.   Repeatedly.   For years.

“Being in an abusive relationship is another form of prison and most people are not able to understand the correlation between the two.”   So quotes the website of every 9 seconds,  a “non-profit committed to Education, Prevention, Intervention & Legislative lobbying to create change in the arena of domestic violence victimization and survivor incarceration worldwide. By fostering relationships with legislative officials, law enforcement, judiciary officials, communities and facilities of incarceration. It is through these partnerships we will make change nationwide.

Every 9 Seconds purpose is to lay the groundwork for positive change with victims of domestic violence. To create and foster an arena for those wanting to help family, friends or incarcerated victims of abuse to gain the empowerment and steps that it takes to gain their freedom.”

As Director of every 9 seconds, Brenda stives to be able to bring a new and different perspective to the field of domestic violence and it is her dream to make change worldwide. As a formerly incarcerated survivor that founded the first abuse support group in the prison system in the nation, Convicted Women Against Abuse in 1989. Due to the efforts of CWAA “Battered Woman Syndrome” admissibility became law in California on January 2, 1992.

Spread the word.   Write a letter to a incarcerated sister.  Speak up for justice.  We can do this together.


3 thoughts on “every 9 seconds

  1. There must be a correlation between molested girls and abused women. The numbers are very similar and those poor women have been prepped their whole lives as girls. Some manage to escape and live good, strong lives. Others never know what it feels like to stand free of this horrible travesty. Misogyny is alive and well in the world. We’ve come a long way, and we have so far to go.

    • Sadly, there is a correlation. Many a domestic abuse survivor was raised in a home environment filled with abuse. She may have hated what she witnessed, or experienced, and vowed to marry someone completely different from her father. Too often, however, the familiarity of abuse has numbed her radar so that when a charmer comes into her life, and the red lights begin to appear, she denies them.

  2. Have linked to Every 9 Seconds on my Facebook page. Thanks for the heads up, Morven. I’ve known about Brenda Clubine and the incarcerated sisters for some time. It’s great that this group is so active.

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