the monster who modeled for T.J.

“It appears that T.J. Lane had violence in his life from the beginning.”  So begins the article by Rachel Dissell in the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday morning.

“The father of the teen who authorities say shot five students at Chardon High School in Ohio on Monday had been arrested many times for vio­lent crimes against women in his life, including Lane’s mother, records from Geau­gu County court show. More than once, police or courts warned him to stay away from the boy and his mother.”

Dissell goes on to write that “The father was later charged with assaulting a police officer, and he served time in prison after trying to suffocate another woman he married several years after his son was born, according to court records.  He held the woman’s head under running water and bashed it into a wall, leaving a dent in the drywall, the court records said. But soon after he went to prison, the woman wrote a letter asking that he be released early. She had divorced Thomas Lane but said in the letter that he was always a good father to their twin daughters and a son she had before they married.”

“He was always a good father …. ”   If you, dear reader, are seeing these words and are realizing that they are also describing the man you are living with, a man who has modeled violence as a means of communication to your children, a man who has threatened your life or worse, please listen up.  HE IS NOT A GOOD FATHER.

Not every young man who grows up witnessing domestic violence grows into an offender.  Not every young woman, who watches her dad beat her mom, becomes a battered wife.  Quite the contrary.  But what happens in a home where rage is constant, where walking on eggshells around the batterer is a daily part of life, the message is preached loud and clear that this is NORMAL.

There are now three young people dead, others physically and emotionally wounded, and one 17 year old who will spend the rest of his life in prison.   Chardon High School and the local community will never be the same again.

The Courts need to take a serious look at a system that messed up by not protecting the children from the evil monster they called “dad” and by not giving their mother the support and education she needed to create a life without him, and then they need to consider just who should be behind bars, this time with no chance of parole.   The monster still walks.


5 thoughts on “the monster who modeled for T.J.

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  2. Chills when I read your last statement. You’re absolutely right! Where were the courts when this child needed help? These incidents do not prove that our society is getting more violent, only that our society–and those in authority–continue to choose to ignore victims and cries for justice.
    And…DV-related homicide is the only type of homicide that is preventable…

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