healed name

One of my dearest childhood friends (and maid of honor from a hundred years ago …) is a missionary in Bolivia.  She also has a heart for the women and their children who have been trapped in the cycle of poverty and sexual slavery.

Shirley recently told me about a small business called Suti Sana, translation being “Healed Name,” an alternative economic option with therapeutic support, for women in prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia.  “When a woman decides she’s had enough, and realizes she’s worth more than a few night’s tricks, when she can begin to catch a glimpse of something better for herself and her children, Suti Sana can be her way out.”

Surrounded by a supportive community, a woman receives job security and skills training in a safe and dignified work environment.  One of the skills projects is learning how to make beautiful bags in numerous styles, for a variety of needs.   Each one of these bags is handmade in Bolivia by women who were formerly involved in prostitution.

I love the meaning of “Healed Name.”  When a woman is given the opportunity of having a new life, she literally gets a new identity.  She becomes a new person.

You can help support a woman in her journey to Freedom and Transformation. Suti Sana products are available for purchase through Sari Bari.  You may also place an order with a personal check or money order through their distributor.  Please contact adam.thada@wordmadeflesh.org for more information.


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