Just like the cream rises to the top, so this young man is sharing his heart for victims of domestic violence. Is your church willing to help? Spread the word. Please share this with your pastor. There are victims in his/her pews every Sunday, and they need the sanctuary that churches in history used to offer.

I’ve spoken with many domestic violence activists and also with victims of abuse.  One of the most common things they say is that they have not found churches to be supportive of them.  Activists tell me that it is almost as if pastors and church leaders don’t actually even hear what they are saying.  Victims have told me that pastors have condescendingly told them that they are involved in active sin by attempting to divorce their violent abusers and that they needed to go home and submit and “suffer for Jesus.”

This should make you angry and sad.  AND ready to stand up and say NO MORE!  The church should be a refuge for victims of abuse.  Abusers should look at the church as a dangerous place for them to pull out their false-piety and sugary sweet manipulation.

Jesus came so that we would have overflowing, beautiful life.  That certainly…

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  1. We just recently developed a relationship with the Ministerial Association in town. Not only are all the Pastors in the association preaching against domestic violence on the same day, but the agreed to individually sponsor awareness events. I’m so excited to see what will come of this!

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