twenty miles from nowhere: sinking in the shade

Thanks to two friends who shared electronically with me yesterday morning, I started my day with two powerful songs that I, in turn, would like to share with you.  Thank you, Anna Wood, and Krista.

The first song is called “Twenty Miles from Nowhere” by Marc deRose, about a woman in a domestic violence relationship who is trapped until she makes her decision to leave.   Even if a battered woman lives in a housing project or in a ritzy New York condominium, she can feel twenty miles from nowhere, because no one seems to notice or care.

The second song, “Gratitude” by Nichole Nordeman, describes how hurting people are “sinking in the shade,” that “peace might be another world away,” and how we long for an end to our thirst, for our pain to be quenched.   Listening to these words struck a cord with me, as I was reminded that God’s “providing another way” might be me.  I might be the “other way” for someone today.

Maybe I can be the hands he uses to give someone a cup of water.

We have sisters all around us who feel like they are twenty miles from nowhere, where in all reality they could be living next door and I am only too blind to see.   Lord, help us all see.


2 thoughts on “twenty miles from nowhere: sinking in the shade

  1. Well M, I must correct some of your terminology in this post if you don’t mind! Where you use the first word “might” change to “is” and second “might” to “am” and “someone” to “many women” and “today” to “everyday” ….. this is how it should read……as I was reminded that God’s “providing another way” IS me. I AM the “other way” for many women everyday.

    Your passion amazes me!

    I thank you for quenching my thirst, I have a very strong feeling that I won’t be dehydrated for quite sometime!

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