Recommended: Barbara Roberts: Stormie Omartian Doesn’t Get it About Domestic Abuse

The power of the pen is a mighty thing, especially when it is “held” electronically by a team of wonderful people who are committed to getting the truth out there about what Scripture truly has to say about a marriage relationship.

So, thanks to Ida Mae, who has shared Barbara Roberts’ post (our Aussie friend who has a book relatively fresh off the press on the subject), I’m passing along a critique written by a gusty Brit named Natalie Collins.  She writes it in the form of a letter to Stormie Omartian, the author of the The Power of a Praying Wife.  “Natalie Collins, a survivor of domestic abuse in the UK who is now active in Restored ( a Christian umbrella group working to prevent violence against women around the world).”

Stormie means well, but she doesn’t get it.   All she knew growing up was domestic violence.  Seeing her mother take responsibility for her father’s abuse was her “norm.”   None of us is responsible for the behaviors of others.   Our responsibility is how we respond to those behaviors.   Here’s Natalie’s letter:  Stormie Omartian-1


One thought on “Recommended: Barbara Roberts: Stormie Omartian Doesn’t Get it About Domestic Abuse

  1. I think that with any literature, you have to ask yourself whether it applies to your particular situation. God gives us each gifts and information to share with those around us. When a book is printed it’s not necessarily for every person who comes into a book store, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t relevant to a percentage of the population. For those who are simply seeking to better their relationship where things have grown cold, Stormie’s book is a good place to start because it follows the biblical principle of loving those who do not seem to love you and removing the wrongdoing from your own life before you can see clearly to remove it from someone elses. She’s not saying that abused people should stay in abusive relationships. If you are being assalted or emotionally abused that’s not love and you should get out so your children don’t learn that type of thing is ok. You can pray for your spouse from a distance. God won’t condemn you. BUT if you are in a relationship that is just a bit dull or your husband is looking at porn secretly at night. That’s the sort of thing you should consider praying through and Stormie’s book is a great way to start. With anything though you really should seek God’s will for your situation and not follow people because no matter the wise council, only God really knows you and your predicament.

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