princess punjammies

Every Nana loves to shop for their grandbabies.   This Nana is no exception.  When I learned that our first grandchild was to be a little girl, and I just happened to be in JoAnn Fabrics when they had a big sale, ahem, one of my purchases was a princess tent.  Yes, a howling pink little castle, ruffles and all.  Now that we have two little princesses in our family, both of whom just happen to be girly girls and love to dress up, our princess tent is filled with boas, tiaras, plastic high heels, and plenty of frilly & sequined dresses.

Not every little girl gets to be a princess.   If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you will know that my passion is the plight of the children – the vast majority being female – and women who are victims of sexual trafficking.  My counseling specialty is recovery from sexual abuse and domestic violence.  This is where my heart lies.

So ….. my friends (thank you, dear Krista, for this one) send me links, blogs and websites, whatever you want to call them, that connect me with others whose desire is for the freedom of the oppressed, especially for those enslaved by the sex trade.

One of these sites is called the International Princess Project, an organization that advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, helping them restore their lives and empowering them to live free.  Little girls and young women in India are taken off the streets and out of brothels, placed in loving homes and taught how to sew.   They are given sewing machines and supplies, and are shown how to make punjammies, beautiful and comfortable cotton pants.  With the proceeds from these, the young seamstresses are able to begin their own businesses.  They return to the streets and brothels and tell their sisters that there is HOPE and FREEDOM, and then bring them back to also learn a trade, eventually open their own shops and in turn help others escape as well.   And the beat goes on.

Christmas is coming, albeit 10 months away.  Purchase some pants, lovingly sewn by precious little hands, and save a life.


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