super bowl rescue

Well, it certainly isn’t every day that one gets to report some good news, especially after putting a downer on everyone’s game on Sunday.   I heard plenty of complaints that I should have aired the story about human trafficking at the Super Bowl AFTER the game, not before, as it made some uncomfortable to imagine the young lives impacted horrifically by the sporting event’s dark side.

Whatever your religious affiliation, or lack of, I hope you will celebrate with me that, thanks to the kindness and dedication of a group of Christian men, THREE young women were rescued from the sex trade this past Sunday.   Three girls, two of them now adults, were reunited with their families.  There will be a long road ahead for them, some of it spent in the counseling office, but their nightmare is over.

Bless you, gentlemen.  I know you will have a reward in Heaven, but you need lots of kudos down here as well.

Maybe we can have a repeat of this at every sporting event in the country forever after.   That would, indeed, be good news!


3 thoughts on “super bowl rescue

  1. I love it that it was Christian men doing the rescue — what a face to put on something that has only had mostly women working towards stopping this tragedy. We must go out and beat those bushes and stop this in the rough. If our law enforcements are either unable to keep up with this stench under our noses in our own nation because of too many tax cuts -then shame on us. I don’t like much to think what the other reason might be that this is so prevalent and so allowed.

    • We can’t give up hope for these kids. I can only imagine this group of guys sitting at Denny’s having breakfast and saying, “I heard about this on the internet, and we’ve got to do something to fix this,” and then making a plan. Small but mighty in the kingdom. Bless them. I’m hoping those three young women can do lots of talking in the weeks ahead and get some other men behind bars and other kids freed.

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