my new friend, Ida Mae

One of the best parts – and there have been many – of beginning to blog is the contact I have had with so many caring women & men, literally from all over the world, who have a heart for the abused.   Sadly, most of them have “first person” experience.  One of  my new friends uses the pseudonym of Ida Mae.  This pansy picture comes from her site.   Pansies are symbolic of friendship, which pretty much describes the relationships that have begun on this blog.

After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of her “Christian” husband, Ida Mae left him and is bravely plowing through the landfill of emotions she’s carried.  She’s grieving, angry and exhausted.  She has a right to be.  And she will get better.  Part of her getting better is by talking about things that aren’t usually discussed in Christian circles.  Go girl!

You might like to read her blog and give her some encouragement.  Perhaps her freedom journey might encourage you to begin your own.  Let me know.


2 thoughts on “my new friend, Ida Mae

  1. Thank you, Morven~! One of these days, I’ll have to write you privately and tell the story behind the purple pansy. One of my favorites, but way to recognizable to share on the blog 🙂

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