the dark side of the Super Bowl

For weeks we have heard the hype and had previews to the ads for Super Bowl Sunday, January 5, 2012. The New England Patriots and the New York giants’ best players are both loved and hated, but they are ready to battle for the big bucks in Indianapolis, rain, snow or shine. The fans will be cheering, beer and soda flowing, and probably thousands of hot dogs consumed.  For many in attendance this will be a great time with family and friends.

Sadly, this will also be an event guaranteed to have a dark side.  It is estimated that the Super Bowl is the biggest sexual trafficking event in the United States, possibly even the world.  As more than 100,000 fans descend on the city, thousands of pimps will be bringing bus loads of young men and women, boys and girls, to sexually service the men who pour into local bars, strip clubs and hotels.  Up to 300,000 girls between 11 and 17 are lured annually into the United States through the sex trade industry.

No. 90, Dallas Cowboy, Jay Ratliff, is just one participant of Traffick911, a celebrity studded campaign against the sexual trafficking of children, especially at sports events.   As the father of two young daughters, he said, “It has recently come to my attention that in America children are being bought and sold for profit and pleasure and I’m mad.”

Enjoy watching football with those that you love, but don’t forget the children at the game.   Not all of them want to be there.   Please, let’s spread the word as best we can.


5 thoughts on “the dark side of the Super Bowl

  1. Now that I didn’t know. Didn’t even cross my mind but maybe it should have as sex workers were much in discussion before the football World Cup in 2010. The South African government was even going to temporally relax the prostitution laws for the World Cup. But there was an outcry & they didn’t. Not that the laws were tight & enforced. Not difficult to buy sex here; openly advertised in the city newspapers. In the end I don’t think business was any better for those in this business during the World Cup. Most probably gain from the World Cup meant loss of local business; at least this was true of other industries.

    Of course all this is tragic. But what is good is there is increasing awareness of sexual trafficking & the fight against it has begun.

  2. Unfortunately, this is not surprising. If you attend OSU football games (and I would have to believe that this happens at other colleges as well) walk a few short blocks out of the normal traffic pattern from the off-campus parking lots. You will find just about any kind of sexual depravity available–for a price. Pimps from other parts of Columbus bring in their “wares”. There’s enough business (from what I have been told) that the local pimps don’t mind. Don’t need a motel room; there’s enough empty buildings in the area.

  3. What underpins this horrific trafficking of young boys and girls at big games are the multi-million dollar ads and advertisers. I watched part of the game and I was disgusted by the number of ads that are still using women as objects to sell goods, i.e., cars, beer, etc. This is an accepted standard, even after all our work in the last 40 years to find an equal playing ground for all of us. I don’t see too many naked men advertising goods at the games, but even that has changed. I don’t know where it will end, but certainly big industry needs to bear some of the responsibility for attitudes towards women and CHANGE their advertising habits. That could be a first step on the very long road ahead.

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