wee victims

There are little ones that are victims of domestic violence every day.  They may not bear the scars of physical abuse, but the names they have been called or the abusive words they have been threatened with will stay with them forever.  They cower in closets and hide under beds.   They sing loudly to their teddy bears so that they can’t hear the screaming in the next room.  They’ve seen their mothers lying broken on the floor, or taken on stretchers to the emergency room.  They are the ones that are taken out of their homes and put into the care of strangers who sometimes, sadly, end up being offenders as well.   It happens all too often.   Just ask the now grown children who survived the foster care system.

Not all of us can foster or, like several of my wonderful friends, adopt a child who needs a home.   Every one of us, however, can support our Domestic Violence Shelter financially or with supplies of personal items, like deodorant, toothpaste and soap.   We can crochet a blanket with that leftover yarn that’s been sitting in a drawer, buy a toy, or purchase some new clothing for needy mums and their little ones.   We can speak up at Walmart or in the grocery store when we witness inappropriate behavior towards a child or their parent.  It’s easy to walk down the next aisle, but getting involved, even just a little, tells the victim that someone actually cares.

We can all pray.


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