a birthday inside

It can’t possibly be February.  After a wonderful breakfast with a dear friend, running errands, and talking with my daughter on my cell phone, I stopped and stood for a minute this morning, shut my eyes and let the sun pour down on my face, drinking in the promise of spring.   This is what freedom tastes like.

With just a little planning, I can rearrange my schedule and get in the car and drive to see my sweet grand babies.  They will welcome me with hugs, kisses and promises of story time.  Tea parties, tutus, fairy princesses and dinosaurs await.  This is what freedom tastes like.

Last month, for my birthday, the number of which will be kept undisclosed, my family and friends gathered around and blessed me with love, amazing cakes, funny cards & cards that made me cry. For days I was gifted by friends near and far, with meals out, phone calls, flowers arriving at my door and Facebook posts from around the world.  I felt celebrated.  This is what freedom tastes like.

Today one of our sisters is having a birthday.   She might be able to stand outside and feel the sun on her face, but her dining experience will be in the prison cafeteria.  She might be permitted to have one phone call from her family.   There may be cards in her mailbox, but chances are there won’t be parcels and fresh flowers delivered.

LaVelma Byrd lives in the penal system in California.   She has been incarcerated since 1994 for killing her husband, literally an act of self defense.  Despite the evidence that indicated that she was a victim of violence at the hands of her spouse, she was sentenced to 25 years in prison.  Along with others with similar stories, LaVelma belongs to Convicted Women Against Abuse, an organization that helps women in prison heal from the abuses done to them, and educates women on the “outside” that there are options available to them apart from living in a domestic violence environment.

You can make a difference.  Send LaVelma your birthday wishes by entering Sin By Silence in the search box on your Facebook page .  Let’s make her day!


3 thoughts on “a birthday inside

  1. Please keep posting about these women, Morven. And if there’s any way to help, let us know.

    I remember that scary thought once that if I had to defend my children, I’d finish the job to ensure their future and living in prison for the rest of my life would be an improvement.

    • They love mail. The Sin by Silence website provides addresses. I’m so glad you didn’t end up inside. Enjoy a walk outside today, dear one.

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