Jessica’s story

The subject of sexual trafficking is on the news almost every day.   I was horrified to learn that Ohio is the #1 gateway city to sexual trafficking in the United States, and is the center of the sexual trade of children.  Toledo, Ohio, less than two hours from my tranquil little town, is the third largest city in the United States as regards sexual trafficking and slavery.  Over 1,000 US born children are forced into sexual prostitution in this country annually.

Every day I hear heartbreaking stories from my clients as to the levels of depravity their spouses have reached by their personal use of pornography, 89% of which is produced in the United States.  The internet makes it very easy to be anonymous and to participate in anything you desire.  A credit card opens every door you can imagine.   It was not surprising, therefore, to learn of the connection between the use of pornography and human trafficking.

I want to introduce you to Jessica Richardson, an incredibly beautiful young woman who has survived the hells of child sexual abuse, being pimped into pornography and later being sold into prostitution.   She has lived to tell the tale, and telling it she is.   If anyone believes that the use of pornography is harmless, read the words of a woman who was raped in front of the camera:

“In my mind, pornography is a lot more harmful than even prostitution, because you take a picture or video of someone, they are forever exploited at the age and time that they are, so you can take a girl off the streets, and the exploitation stops, but their photos and videos are out there forever, and people who have done extensive pornography, they have to move, hide, have facial changes, name changes, just so they’re not recognized, and it’s so traumatic.”

Jessica lives in Portland, Oregon, and is no longer ashamed to face those who used her sexually in that city.   Listen to her incredible story in this link


3 thoughts on “Jessica’s story

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  2. Thanks Morven. Did you know that Mending the Soul, in Phoenix Arizona, runs programs and training to help rescue children from sexual slavery? They call the program “Princess Lost”. You can find Mending the Soul by a google search. It was founded by Steve and Celestia Tracy. Steve teaches at Phoenix Seminary and Celestia is a Christian counsellor.

    • Barbara, I use Steve Tracy’s work all the time, and would love to attend their training sessions, but as I live clear across on the other side of the country, this probably won’t happen for a while. This is a wonderful ministry, and I’m so thankful for them. I give training sessions to churches on the same topics as well, but we have much to learn from one another. Our “threefold cords” just get stronger and stronger as we come together for the Kingdom, and for all those kids. Blessings to my Aussie cord! M

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