sin by silence


In a few California prisons there are still about 50 women who were incarcerated before 1992 for the crime of murder.  Every one of these women is a victim, a victim of domestic violence.   Like most mothers, who would stand in front of a bus before they would see their child hurt, these women used their own bodies as shields over their children.  These women endured years of battering – emotional, verbal, sexual and physical – at the hands of  the men they believed had once loved them.

Before legal changes were made post 1992, these victims of domestic violence had no voice.  There were few laws protecting women (and men) against domestic violence.  At times the police they called for protection, in all reality were batterers in their own homes.  Paperwork went missing, lawyers got sloppy, the women were misrepresented …. without money, support, and understanding, they went to prison because they killed the men who were attempting to kill them or their children.

Support the new sin by silence law being put before congress.  Shout out in unison for our sisters who are still incarcerated for the crime of self defense.   Watch this site and add your voice.   We can do this together!


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