elephants never forget

I was sitting in bed yesterday morning, using my laptop, and ran across a touching video clip on a friend’s Facebook page.  Well, watching it before I started a work day was not the brightest thing I have ever done.  At least it was before makeup.  Not only did this heart wrenching story of liberation and reunion make me want to bawl, this tale flooded my memory bank from our years in South Africa and the occasions we were awed to see these great beasts in their natural habitat.  I’ll never forget the only time I have been privileged to come into physical contact with an elephant, how I held my breath in anticipation, and then the amazement I felt when I stroked her trunk, only to find it soft soft soft …

Women … now hear me out here …. are like elephants.   Especially women who have gone through hardship of some kind, perhaps the trauma of losing a child (or the dream of having one).   Maybe the one person they trusted most in all of the world turned out to be the one person in their life who hurt them the most.  Maybe their experience of childhood was one of nightly terror, or daily hunger.   Elephants in captivity understand.   As the video clip describes them, they are “comrades in a captive world,” just like the women who participate in the groups I have facilitated over the years.   These women understand each other, because they understand hardship … disappointment, betrayal, pain, grief ….  And we never forget. But we can chose to forgive.

Women ….like elephants … because of life experience, may look tough and gnarly on the outside.  They might roar and bellow, and make you want to stay away from hearing their story or walking along side them on their journey.   But they are soft soft soft inside, loving and caring, compassionate and kind, and they long for tender companionship.   Like these two elephants.

Enjoy this sweet little movie of friends and reunion.  Reach out to a hurting woman.  What you find may amaze you.


4 thoughts on “elephants never forget

  1. Well! I surely didn’t wake up this morning expecting to compare myself to an elephant, instead, all I wanted to do was look up the Womens Counciling Center website for an email address to submit a question. However, my eye caught the title “Morven’s Blog” and my concentration went from emailing to reading “Elephants Never Forget”.

    Unlike, Shirley, I will never have the opportunity to travel two states in the cool of the night and be reunited with my friend as she is in a better place than I. What I do have in common with Shirley (the elephant) is the heavy, heavy chain (and maybe a few pounds) that has kept me from moving forward in life as I figure out the grieving process and dealing with pain naturally.

    Recently, I removed the chain from my body that keeps me confined, isolated, lonely, emotionless, unhealthy……etc. Unlike, Shirley(the elephant) my chain was not in the steel form of titanium, nickel, cobalt, zinc and a master lock, but the situations it placed us in are identical. Shirley had Solomon to remove her chain where I had to make a choice, decision and then find the will power to remove mine.

    I have begun my new journey in life with the most precious memories of my dear friend, unlike, Shirley (the elephant) who begins her new journey and life, reunited with a dear old friend. LIKE, Shirley, it will take my entire life to ever “Forget”.

    Nature and animals are so Inspirational! I hope someday, everyone gets the opportunity to experience the calm and peace they bring to our hearts.

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