Save a life and decrease the national debt …

If a presidential candidate informed his prospective voters that he/she had discovered how to save ONE THIRD of all national expense and, in the process of enforcing this new change, could reduce the nation’s crime rate by the same percentage and, to throw in a little bonus, probably change the cost of running the welfare system by millions of dollars, who wouldn’t vote for them?

Lundy Bancroft, a well respected lecturer and wonderful advocate for domestic violence victims, suggests  (see link) that approximately ONE THIRD of the costs of all law enforcement, court proceedings, and the running of the prison system, are a consequence of domestic violence.   Furthermore, it is estimated that ONE THIRD of the costs of all emergency room visits, while not necessarily reported as such, are a direct result of domestic violence.  He feels that, sadly, the “dollars and cents” statistics may speak more to those in government (and our health insurance companies) than the reality of the physical, sexual, emotional and verbal damage done to the innocent victims (usually women and their children) by the battering offender.

Everyone wants to save money.   Maybe we can help save some lives as well.   Write to your governor or Congress representative, urging them to look at the statistics.   If our judicial system enforced stiffer penalties for the first domestic violence offense, instead of releasing the offender to continue his reign of terror, we might be able to reduce our national debt, and attend a few less funerals.


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