birthday gifts

As my birthday approaches … don’t even ask how old … I wanted to share a wonderful memory of a birthday past.  Several years ago my children gave me the best gift of my life (apart from my grand babies, that is!).  I opened the little white envelope they presented to me, and read the words, “in your name, three little girls have been bought out of prostitution in Thailand.”  Wow.   How can anything from Bath & Body Works compare to that?    That decided it for me …. every birthday and Christmas to come, that was all I wanted, to have little girls taken out of bondage and given a chance for life.

I wish I had all the money in the world  to have been able to buy liberty for Shamsia.  If  you’d like to consider helping out a little girl before she, too, has a story like Shamsia, perhaps you could contact World Vision and contribute some of your birthday money.   It’s the best form of re-gifting ever!


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