color coding surgery

As I posted earlier, I have three dear friends who are fighting their own personal battles against cancer as I type these words.   One of them, sweet Karen, is today beginning a clinical trial and is anticipating meeting chemotherapy head on this afternoon.  I have a client who is in “round three” with her third new cancer, an amazing woman who refuses to give up the fight.  My baby sister has, thanks to the beady eyes of one very observant doctor, successfully survived two different cancer treatments.  My own dear Mum died of cancer at the age I will be on my next birthday.  I thought she was young then, but I sure realize now just HOW young she was.

Yes, I am that lady that walks around her neighborhood once a year and collects for cancer research.   Please don’t peek at me through the curtains anymore, but come out with a donation.  I’ve walked miles with the Susan B. Komen foundation alongside some of the bravest women (and men)  on the face of the earth, you know, the ones in the bright pink tee shirts with bandanas on their heads, the ones with the biggest smiles.   My dear friend, Sheila, is one of them.  So, when I learned that studies are finding new ways to actually find cancers and destroy them without doing damage to one’s other fragile parts of their anatomy, I wanted to spread the good news.  Enjoy this link as the brilliant female surgeon, Quyen Nguyen, shares her recent research on the treatment of cancers.  It’s worth the several minutes it takes to listen to her presentation.


2 thoughts on “color coding surgery

  1. This was amazing! I can only hope that they can gain widespread acceptance of this in record time. Think of how it can save the quality of the patient’s life, money by eliminating excessive testing of tissue and time by not having to wait on test results during the surgery. Isn’t God amazing that he gives people the insights to discover new medical breakthroughs?

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