remembering our sisters

It does me well to remember the plight of my sisters in other parts of the world who, like many women in my little community, suffer injustice at the hands of those who were meant to love them.   This was brought to my attention as I read here about another woman-child in the middle east and the abuses done to her, not by her husband – although I have no doubt there were abuses and that is why she ran away in the first place – but by her mother in law, another woman.

As I sit in my comfortable home this afternoon, drinking my freshly brewed Starbucks coffee and contemplating the week ahead, I am so – now bear with me here as I ooze pride of country … chalk it up to me being a fairly new American citizen and the years of experience I had to travel before I could take that step (that story is for another time)  – I am so grateful for the rights and privileges I take for granted every day in this land. 

Be grateful, and remember our sisters.


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