A beginning

Consider the creation of this blog to be a new year’s resolution, a ‘getting out of one’s comfort zone’ and a good place to vent one’s feelings, all rolled into one.   For a long while now I have wanted to have a safe place to post well researched articles or educational links, as well as my own personal thoughts, that I felt might be helpful for my clients, the brave women who have survived abuse as children and/or adults, the real heroines of the stories.   Perhaps this place might be helpful for my friends, family and colleagues who really care about what I do and are my constant cheerleaders.  I also wanted a  place where readers, if there ever are any, can share their responses and know that their thoughts and feelings are respected and valued.   But … I was a teeny bit hesitant … okay, scared, as this web stuff is terribly intimidating to this new kid on the block.   So let’s get started, and see where this goes!



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